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What is Light Language?

What is Light Language?

I have been getting so many questions about Light Language lately, so I thought I would write a little piece on what I feel Light Language is, and why I channel and use it.

A little on my personal journey with Light Language…

I remember posting a dancing video many years ago (it was a somatic dance practice I was sharing), and someone messaged me saying that they had never experienced anything like it. They said that it was like I was weaving Light Language through my body, and she could feel god transmitting to her.

I asked… WHAT IS LIGHT LANGUAGE? Haha. I had no idea!

I went down a rabbit hole, and heard my first light language transmission. And it COMPLETELY jarred me at first. It was so intense!

This is something I hear regularly from people, saying that the first time they hear it, it can be quite jarring – which is why I now give that as a little ‘warning’.

I listened to a few different people channelling, and the range of volume, activation, energy, that I felt through each one was so potent.

Not long after this, I felt it wanting to come through me. I resisted this for almost 3 years. I didn’t want to channel it, thinking people would think I’m crazy (they still do).

Plus, I had been singing my whole life, and thought it would sound more angelic like I had heard some other people channel.

Nope. This was not how it wanted to come through me.

It was intense, loud, jarring, activating.

Every time I channelled it, I personally had to go through the activation it was calling in. It was an intense experience.

Then one day, I wasn’t really given a choice. I had been ACTIVELY resisting it for long enough, and now I was being ´guided´ (seriously that might be a too polite way of saying how this happened!), to share it with the world.

I was ‘guided’ to share a piece, without any edits. And I had to overcome ever fear to do it.

Once I shared that first piece, it channelled through me daily. There were very few days that I wasn’t being guided to do it during a live, a training/course, in a meditation… everything.

And it went on like this for a long time.

Recently, it left me. I woke up one day, and the connection was gone. Completely. I couldn’t have channelled it even if I wanted to. I know why this happened, but it was strange at the same time.

It recently came back, with a new energy I am meant to share with the world. But I have been shown that I only need to channel it once a week, to continue the work I am here to do with this modality.

This is why I always say, don’t try to activate the gifts you want… they will activate when they are ready, and you never know what will come through!

I see people trying to activate their light language, and I can feel the force within it. If it is meant to be channelled through you, it will be, without force or trying.


So back to the opening question, What is Light Language, and why do I channel it, use it to support the work I do?

Everyone will have a slightly different understanding or explanation of light language. Do I believe it is like speaking in tongues? No, I personally don’t. Not after my experience with it.

I personally believe Light Language is this. A Frequency and Language of the Soul. It is not for the mind to understand. It is the soul that activates and moves with this practice.

Every time I channel it, it is always infused with an energy activation as well. They are never separate.

I believe that it is a soul language what is coded in frequency and codes, not in words.

It is something to be felt, experienced. Not understood in the mind. And it activates you at a vibrational level. Activating the Light Body, DNA, Ascension Chakras and so much more.

The feedback that I have received over the years about the Light Language transmissions and activations I have offered, is that they are one of the most powerful transformations people have felt.

I believe this happens for a number of reasons. Firstly, as it is frequency, energy, soul, it is not meant to be understood by the mind, so it bypasses the conscious mind and the resistance it would face at the mind level (which can happen during meditation). The only reason this won’t happen for someone, is if they are actively trying to understand it, and not simply surrender into the practice.

I believe it offers these powerful transformations, as they channel through a quantum healing energy, that is woven into the transmission, and also is directed during the practice to where the body needs to clear, heal, shift.

I believe we are at a point in our evolution that is expanding our awareness and consciousness of what will be supportive to our journey. And we are all actively seeking our souls highest evolution (well at least the people who work deeply with me are).

I believe people are more open and receptive to frequency medicine than ever before.

This is why I no longer fight it, or actively resist it. Even though there are days when I wish I could. When I get the soul whisper to channel a transmission for a specific thing (such as a past life healing, or a goddess etc), I just have to surrender and do it. If I try to resist, or make it suit my timing, the call just gets stronger

I never expected this to be a part of my journey. I never expected it to be one of, if not the most, powerful tools I share with the collective. I never expected it to change so many lives.

And yet I am so deeply humbled and grateful every day, that this energy decided to channel through me.

A few FAQs…

Is it Evil?

This is something I used to get asked a lot. And the answer is NO, for me. But like with magic, the energy and intention behind it determines everything. If someone is using it for the wrong intention, then yes, it could be detrimental. Which is why like everything, use your discernment, and follow your soul guidance.

Mine can be very triggering (it can be quite intense – some transmissions are softer than others), but it is only ever channelled with LOVE, and when I receive the highest guidance to download and record.


How often do I need to listen to it?

My answer to this is, as often as you feel guided. I have many light language activations that you can do daily, while others I wouldn’t do more than once a month (the witch wound & warrior goddess for example), as they can be very activating, and you need time for integration.

Sometimes at the end of a transmission I will be guided to say how often you should listen to it at the beginning, to go through the energetic shifts that you may need, and then as often as you feel guided thereafter. Everyone is different.


Are they like a meditation?

My simple answer to this is NO. A meditation is to help you get into a no mind state. Light Language Activations are exactly that, activations. And they work at a Soul level. I do a lot of guided meditations with light language, bringing in the best of both worlds, it all depends on what is wanting to come through.


Here is what I say on the website about Light Language, and how it can support you…


We are here to awaken our divine self

To anchor in the highest light

To activate dormant DNA and awaken to your soul mission

To retrieve any soul fragments

and awaken dormant gifts and abilities

To feel connected to more divine love

And help clear any resistance to your spiritual journey

You may move through shadows, or connect to other dimensions…

Your journey will be unique for you


I hope this helps explain a little about Light Language, and how it may support your journey.

If you are ready to experience light language for yourself, head over and check out the recorded activations available here (each have their own unique frequency and activation 

Or if you would like to have one specially created for you, for a specific activation/reason, you can find them here 



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