When you hear the whisper whisper, Don’t go back to sleep

And if it all goes down in flames, you will find me dancing in the ashes…

(a little gift for everyone is down below, from my heart to yours)

“When you hear the whisper whisper, don’t go back to sleep”

I constantly play that line from Wayne Dyer in my mind.

When you wake up at 4am, allow the whispers to come to you.

I wake at 4am often. More often than I would like! But I always try to listen to the whispers. Sometimes I am lucky enough to fall back to sleep, other times I toss and turn trying to understand the message.

4am is when I seem to have to most profound downloads.

Sometimes I will write them down, but more often than not I just play the whisper in my mind, mulling it over. And on rare occasions, I pick up my phone and record the transmission so I can remember.

This morning was one of those mornings. I was still in the state between sleep and wake when I was channeling the most crazy beautiful messages. I immediately picked up my phone, knowing I had to record what was coming through. So when fear came to raise her hackles, I could listen to this and remember why I am doing what I am doing. Remember why this is so important to me.

TRUST IN LOVE, was one line that kept repeating! If I am here to be a conduit of unconditional love, then I need to Trust in Love (that will be my new daily mantra).

I have tried a Conscious Economy System before. In fact, I have tried a few times. But I always seem to delete it.

This year has been filled with constant ebb and flow… more ebb than flow! When fear arose, or I was exhausted from being sick, I would go into contraction, listening to people around me, and I would close down the conscious economy system…

“No one will ever pay the full amount if there is a cheaper one available. I wouldn’t!”

“It will never work”

“I know you think it’s the loving thing to do, but no one will care why you are doing it”

These are all things I have heard, many times.

But I believe in a better way. I believe in a system that allows for expansion for all. I no longer want to live in a constricted dynamic.

I believe in being the change we want to see in the world!

So, here we go again. I am anchoring this in! I am here to be the change I wish to see. So, I am implementing the Conscious Economy System once again, knowing that it is the way forward. I am willing to go through the trials of this, knowing that someone has to make the change for it to begin to ripple…

And this time, I have included everything. Including readings & 1:1 sessions (payment plans and 1:1 zoom sessions aren’t available on the sliding scale – due to the way the system is set up – but I have made concession pricing available on all sessions and payment plans). The only thing that isn’t included is Patreon, as their system is run completely differently – I am looking into options.

I woke up to 30mins of recorded channeled notes this morning, and the final thing I said was something I said earlier this year…

And if it all goes up in flames, you will find me dancing in the ashes…

Followed by, we are going to change the world… and then the opening bars of Eye of the Tiger began to play in my mind. I could feel the energetic shift becoming palpable.

I believe in a better way. I believe in a more conscious economy. I believe the spiritual community can get back to a deeper place of integrity. And we are all doing our part.

The other thing I have been receiving lately is an overwhelming number of emails and messages with stories and requests for free sessions. While I can’t offer free sessions (especially due to my health), I was guided to offer a special gift to everyone.

A $20 voucher to use on anything!

Use code GRACE to receive a $20 gift on purchase on the website. No minimum spend. One code per person.

Or if you would like to use it on books & decks, please use code BOOKS to receive $20 off, but with a $50 minimum cart.

I hope that this will help support as many people as possible.

As I open my heart, and TRUST IN LOVE, I know we can make a massive change in the very fabric of divine reciprocity.

Much love divine souls

Courtney x

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